Pinterest’s positioning in Brazil

We were invited to redefine Pinterest’s position in Brazil, seeking to make its platform *the* place to find, collect and share inspiration and insights, and educate the press and users on how to use Pinterest, stimulating the growth of local content.

With a promotion focused in key targets such as technology, innovation, lifestyle and business, as well as relationship-building meetings with strategical vehicles to the platform in Brazil, we could bring digital experience to a whole nother level of presential knowledge.

We organized a special event to 30 influencers, journalists and bloggers to teach how the platform works.

The event unravelled in various workshops with distinct audiences to disseminate the best practices to the media, users and brands.

Os Resultados

In the first anniversary of their Brazilian headquarters, in 2016, Pinterest announced that the platform doubled its number of users in the country and reached over 400 MILLION PINS by Brazilian users – three times than in the previous year. It is important to state these milestones were attained 100% organically, with no media investment at all.

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